Great way to end 2009 with a smart album of undeniably awesome catchiness and pop glitz with replay ability of infinity and beyond (thanks Buzz) all recorded in four bedrooms, a couple of band rooms, and two living rooms that surprisingly sound like a multi-million studio affair.

Smother Magazine

With the release of Story, The Minor Leagues are poised to become the major local presence that was imagined for them three years ago. The bands appearance at the showcase at MidPoint presented by its label, Datawaslost, was a revelation.

Brian Baker - Citybeat

Walpole is a gifted songwriter in his own right -- literate, clever and possessing a knack for unique melodies.

Dale Johnson - Citybeat

Clever orchestral pop hooks, all glowing and golden and impossible not to like.

Organ Magazine

They've created a heck of a pop-rock album, though, one that's packed full of melody and light and an inspiring, lift-up sort of feeling. There's a community feeling to the music, one reminiscent in sound of Head of Femur and perhaps the Elephant 6 bands, Beulah especially.

Erasing Clouds

Exuberant, horn-laced pop, performing that endearing trick of sounding more slapdash than it actually is.


This Story Is Old is a nearly perfect soundtrack to the messiness of being a twenty-something.

Whitney - Feet On Polished Floor

This l'il sucker takes a while to sink in. But we found it is more than worth the time spent getting familiar with this band's music.


The scale of this album is amazing. Its full of grandeur, it tells a story of self-discovery and is layered with about 40 musicians.

The Wheel's Still In Spin

You have approximately one month to add this to your best of 2009 lists.


The Minor Leagues true strength is the way they blend a 60's rock vibe with a smooth Brit-pop delivery and really make something unique that is inviting and noteworthy!

Sam DaMatta - The Fire Note

The band is guaranteed to delight fans of indie pop, and includes some of the best Anglo flair this side of the Atlantic.

Snobs Music

Beulah & New Pornographers would be quite proud to include this as part of their own discography, its saccharine sweet on the surface, but with a yummy, hardier, chewy Starburst center to it that with each chew, just keeps bursting your mouth with its deliciously fruit flavour!


Its truly amazing how much the members contrast but at the same time how much they work together to create absolutely fabulous pop music.

Paul POP - The POP! Stereo

For all of you Indie Pop lovers this should be a dream come true, their song are fresh with little amount of harmonies that add the sunny into this story telling album.

walterdothemonkey - Indiehere

With output as strong as This Story, The Minor Leagues should be getting called up to the bigs soon, if there is any justice in the world.

Mike Breen - Citybeat

The bands new album, the just-released This Story Is Old, I Know, But It Goes On, has been in the works for nearly five years ... is a marvel of synth driven guitar Pop with more edge than a six-foot Exacto blade.

Brian Baker - CityBeat - Blog

While the group can be frisky and you sometimes feel like you've stepped into an inside joke, Walpole's songwriting and Helmes' arranging abilities save the album from novelty status. This is solid stuff from start to finish.

Mike Breen - CityBeat